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Dennis A's Story

Dennis A's Story

  • Name of Physician seen: Sergio Martinez, DO

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    Comments: on 3/23/22 I met with Dr Martinez to evaluate my knee problems. After reviewing my knee x-rays, he advised that my Rt knee replacement from 2006 was still in good shape and my left knee loooked OK. After discussions with me about my symptoms, Dr Martinez showed me both x-rays and pointed out that lines on the X-rays indicated Valcular Calcification of vessels in my legs were probably causing my problem and referred me to see my family physician !
    So, instead of trying to treat me for something not in his area of expertise, Dr Martinez directed me to probably a vascular doctor for treatment.
    THAT IMPRESSED ME; Dr Martinez was not looking for more business, but, more interested in assisting a patient !
    I am a former FBI Agent and had a lot of questions and wanted a lot of informatiion and Dr Martinez was outstanding !!
    Dennis A