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Patient Testimonials

  • ~ Edward Torres ~

  • Great Dr. Nguyen. Excellant care, quick recovery, no ice, no pain. So fortunate to have had him for my surgeon. Caring & informative Dr. Up & walking 3 hrs. after surgery. Walking in store 4 days after without cane.

    ~ Janice H ~

  • I was extremely fortunate to find Dr. Nam Dinh. My previous surgeon had replaced my left hip three times but was never able to get my hip to stay together. I had five dislocations / dissociations, two of them after the third surgery. Few surgeons would even talk to somebody with my history. Dr....

    ~ John L ~

  • This office was so pleasant and helpful that I forgot how seriously ill my knee is! Everyone was extremely helpful and Dr. Dinh was very patient in answering every question my daughter and I asked. He provided detailed info and used a model of the knee to explain every step of the procedure. He sh...

    ~ Wanda R ~

  • Thank you Dr Dihn and your staff. The experience was great. Having done the pre-op exercises religiously for 2 months before, made the outcome that much easier. I was determined to walk in for my 2 week check up with no walker or cane and NO LIMP. 125 flexion, 0 extension. Success! is there pain, ye...

    ~ Michael S ~

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